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What’s Hot & New for Summer?


Picnics are all the rage this summer and why wouldn’t they be?! Picnics are a great way to spend time outdoors and enjoy a meal with friends. Not to mention, you can avoid the long wait time for a patio spot! You can order the full Sharecuterie Picnic Experience or just make your order “picnic friendly”. Either way, Sharecuterie makes enjoying one of the hottest summer trends painless and delicious for you!
Did someone say chocolate?

Say hello to the Chocolate & Cheese Sharecuterie board! Our latest item that will help cure the COVID blues (or at least try to help!) This board features artisanal chocolates from the small & local chocolatier shop, Decadence Chocolates. Who knew cheese & chocolate made such a great pair. (Now available in a snack size & add on option.)
Father’s Day Special

Want to get your Dad something unique that will support multiple local businesses? Order them the Deluxe Meat Sharecuterie board. (Think social offering but with a Sharecuterie twist!) The board will be heavy on the meat & have local artisanal offerings from Smak Dab mustard, Welchinksi’s meat, Harvest Bakery and much more. Pre order now!

New Flavour Alert!

Look out for 3 new flavour options on your regular Sharecuterie board:

1. Truffle Gouda (It is a tasty and delectable as it sounds!)
2. Mimosa Pepper Jelly (orange, pineapple, prosecco & chili flakes made into a refreshing pepper jelly).
3. Double butter almonds from Pennyweight Market. (Warning: they are addictive.)

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